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Problem 1268 --Magic Calculator

1268: Magic Calculator

Time Limit: 1 Sec  Memory Limit: 128 MB
Submit: 178  Solved: 27
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IceRuler has a magic calculator. It can calculate the answers for expressions, with constants only containing integers in the range 0-9 and operators only appearing in the following table.
Priority Level
Combination Law
1 () Bracket

2 + Positive Sign 
Right to left

- Negative Sign

~ Bitwise Not

3 * Multiplication
Left to Right  
4 + Addition
Left to Right  

- Subtraction
Left to Right  
5 & Bitwise And
Left to Right  
6 ^ Bitwise Xor
Left to Right  
7 | Bitwise Or
Left to Right  

    Operators will be operated following their priority levels. For example, in 1+2&3, addition will be calculated first, then bitwise and. For 1-+2,  positive sign will be calculated first, then subtraction.
    Operators with same priority level will be operated following the combination law. For example, in 1+2-3, the combination law of  addition and subtraction is "Left to Right", addition should be calculated first, then subtraction. In -~1 , bitwisenot will be calculated first, then negative sign.
    The expressions uses 32-bits signed integer type in the calculate process. You do not need to consider type conversion and overflow processing. For example, the result of ~1 should be -2, and the result of multiplying 2 by 32 times should be 0. 
    Please write a program to simulate the IceRuler's calculator. Given expressions, you are required to return the results of this calculator.


Integer T in one line means testcases (1≤T≤1000000). For each case,you are given an expression in one line, and you should print its result in one line. The length of each expression is not exceed 50. 


You should print result of each expression in one line. 

Sample Input


Sample Output