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Problem 1310 --Begging for games

1310: Begging for games

Time Limit: 1 Sec  Memory Limit: 256 MB
Submit: 143  Solved: 11
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Narnal is a beggar, nevertheless, his daily income is stable. Nowadays he wants to buy \(M\) games online. The good news is that all the games he wants are on special sales promotion, in which the price of each game will decrease \(K\) units day by day as long as the price can maintain a positive price value (if the price is \(5\), each day decrease \(6\), then the price should maintain at \(5\)). The price of each game decreases on the morning of each day except the first day. However, Narnal adds his income to his wallet on the evening of each day including the first day.


The first line will be four integers \(N,I,M,K\), denote the original money Narnal had at the first day morning, the daily income of Narnal, the number of games and daily decrease units of each game respectively.
The second line will be \(M\) integers separated by spaces, denote the original price of each game, which would be in the range of \([1,10^6]\) .

\(0\leq N< 10^6, 1\leq I<10^6, 1\leq M\leq 10^5, 0\leq K\leq 10^6\).


Print the minimum days Narnal can get all the games he wants and state at that time is whether morning or evening.

Sample Input

1 1 3 1
2 1 1

Sample Output

2 evening