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Problem 1461 --Are you my new friend?

1461: Are you my new friend?

Time Limit: 2 Sec  Memory Limit: 128 MB
Submit: 433  Solved: 259
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You are given a complete binary tree and each node has a distinct key value. Now you are asked to determine whether the tree is a heap or not. If it is a heap, you are to determine if it is a Max-heap or a Min-heap.


The first line contains \(N(2\leq N\leq 10^6)\), denoting the number of nodes in the tree.

The second line contains \(N\) integers \(A_1,A_2...A_N(1\leq A_i\leq 10^9)\), denoting the key value of node \(i\). It is guaranteed that no two key values are the same.

To simplify the problem, the tree is constructed as follows:

-   The root of the tree is node \(1\)

-   For each \(2\leq i\leq N\), There is an edge between \(i\) and \(\lfloor i/2 \rfloor \)


If the tree is a Max-heap, print "Max"

If the tree is a Min-heap, print "Min"

If the tree is not a heap, print "Neither" (without quotes)

Sample Input

55 6 12 4 2 5 8

Sample Output